Women's | 3 Gi Honor Pack

Women's | 3 Gi Honor Pack

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We love hooking it up and our Honor Gi Team thought you would love it if we hooked up a LIMITED TIME FREE Gi deal.

So...we have released our "3 Gi Honor Pack" for a LIMITED TIME!

These are moving fast so grab this deal while you can...



The Honor Gi exceeds expectations in quality, toughness, and comfort in a GI for BJJ.

We designed our Gi to solve the most common issues we found with most GIs.  You’ll notice increased mobility and comfort were important in the design of the Honor GI.

We love this Gi for a lot of reasons but the one we hear the most is how long they last - even for the most active BJJ practitioners!

440G Light Hybrid Pearl Weave

10oz   Rip Stop Pants